Charter Turkey of the Year Bus Tour Tomorrow!


Tomorrow we will recognize a few of the many charters who have refused to turn over documents that are supposed to be part of the public record to our charter school task force. How can we be talking about expanding the charter school sector when charters ignore the existing law that calls for a minimal degree of transparency? We say no charter school expansion unless there are meaningful checks against fraud in the law and the administration of charters.

Join us on the bus or meet us at anyone of the following stops (times are approximate):

1:00 PM Meeting at ACTION United

Bus departs at 1:15

1:15 PM Arrive at People for People Charter School, 800 North Broad
No response to our request

1:30 PM Depart P for P, leave for Multicultural

Bus Agenda Part 1:
Welcome, Introductions
Why we are here today: the tour itiniery

1:45 Arrive Multi-Cultural Charter, 3821 N. Broad St
No fraud risk management plan or fraud risk assessment,
no list of Board members

2:00 Depart Multi-cultural

Bus agenda Part 2:

2:15 Mosaica-Birney, 9th and Lindley, 900 W. Lindley
For Profit charter, no reponse
applying to expand

2:30 Leave Birney, for Aspira

Bus Agenda Part 3:

2:45 Arrive Asipra HQ 5th & Courtland; 4322 N. 5th St
No response, wants to expand, lots of questions about mixing funds for organization and school; spending $600K fighting unionization

3:00 depart Aspira, drive to YUC

Bus Agenda Part 4:

3:30 arrive YUC 1910 N. Front St

4:00 Depart for Memphis Street, 2950 Memphis, 19134
No fraud policy,
Renaissance school

4:15 arrive Memphis

4:45 depart Memphis/YUC

Bus Agenda Part 5:
Debrief, next steps

5:00 Back to office

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